Information Architecture: User Scenarios

These two user scenarios are included in a larger proposal for the website of a fictitious natural wine bar, Vin Naturel. The two user scenarios show my creativity in envisioning possible users and scenarios based on user research. The user scenarios were created as an assignment for Principles of Information Architecture, Spring 2017.

The following user personas show two different user types, their motivations for why they would use the Vin Naturel website and how they would access the Vin Naturel website. The scenarios for each user show the process they might go through when using Vin Naturel to satisfy an information need.                                                             



Facebook and Instagram to stay connected

Yelp and OpenTable for bar and restaurant suggestions and reviews.


Desktop and personal laptop for work

Tablet and smartphone

She is constantly connected to her mobile devices.


Renata typically goes out twice during the week for happy hour with coworkers or friends.


Renata always orders two glasses of white wine, either Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio.


Renata values companies that promote sustainable and fair trade practices. She eats organic as often as she can, though she doesn’t torture herself over an occasional indulgence.


Renata is looking for a new bar for happy hour with her friends. She knows that she likes white wine, one friend prefers red, and the other friend always wants to try something new. Renata searches “wine bar happy hour” in Lower Manhattan, and is led to Vin Naturel Wine Bar’s mobile site.

On the homepage, she sees that Vin Naturel specializes in natural and organic wine from well-known and exotic wine regions. She reads the location, hours, and discovers that Vin Naturel has a daily happy hour from 5pm to 7pm.

She navigates to the “Wines” page and browses through the White, Red and Amber categories, reading the brief taste descriptions. She isn’t familiar with some of the names, but sees that each unfamiliar wine is equated to something more familiar. She sees that the wine bar has an events page, and she browses it to see if there are any upcoming events. Renata decides to give Vin Naturel a chance, and she shares the website with her two friends.  

2) GIDEON, 27


Smartphone to communicate, look up information, pay his bills, reads. Uses Facebook, Instagram and Twitter


Gideon explores new bars and restaurants and interesting events in the city. He wants to absorb as much of life as he can before settling down.


Gideon doesn’t have a set drink. He is always looking for something new, interesting, bold and outside of the mainstream.


Having finished his work for the day, Gideon wants to try a new watering hole. He searches online for wine bar with happy hour in the Lower East Side, his favorite neighborhood, and looks for a name he does not recognize. He is intrigued by Vin Naturel’s name, and clicks on the website. From the homepage, he sees that the bar specializes in natural wine and that they have a happy hour.

Gideon is familiar with the concept of natural wine, but does not know what types of wine are considered “natural.” He navigates to the “Wines” page and browses the menu, finding some familiar names, like Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Gris, and some unfamiliar names, like Roxanich from Croatia and Rkatsiteli from Georgia, that spark his interest. He has never heard of amber wine.

He sees the “Blog” tab in the main navigation menu, and clicks on it. Using the “Categories,” he clicks on “amber wine” and begins reading the posts about amber wines. Gideon’s interest is piqued, and he decides to head to Vin Naturel.


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