Branded Content: Consider the Grape

“Consider the Grape,” a piece of branded content for wine subscription club, is modeled after M.F.K. Fisher’s Consider the Oyster and tells the story of a grape from vine to bottle. In this piece, I utilized my research skills and knowledge of the brand to make the complicated and intricate process of winemaking easy to relate … Continue reading Branded Content: Consider the Grape

Responsibility Letter: Change in Benefits

This letter explains to the employees of the fictional Fix It, Inc. the changes being made to their healthcare plan. By first focusing on the positive benefits before describing the programs being cut, the letter shows an understanding of the intended audience and an ability to write persuasively in a business setting. This letter was … Continue reading Responsibility Letter: Change in Benefits

Advertising Screenplay: Empower Women Georgia

Inspired by my travels to the Republic of Georgia, this screenplay is a 1-minute advertisement for the fictional non-profit organization “Empower Women Georgia.” This screenplay shows my ability to write a creative and compelling narrative that engages the audience with a client’s mission. “Empower Women Georgia” was completed for Digital and Organizational Storytelling in Summer … Continue reading Advertising Screenplay: Empower Women Georgia

Investment Service Piece: Artists and Other Contractors

This investment service piece explains the different Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) that 1099 contractors can take advantage of to save for retirement, providing pros and cons based on an individual’s retirement goals and financial situation. I was inspired to write this piece by my friends in the arts who are eager to save for retirement … Continue reading Investment Service Piece: Artists and Other Contractors

Information Architecture: User Scenarios

These two user scenarios are included in a larger proposal for the website of a fictitious natural wine bar, Vin Naturel. The two user scenarios show my creativity in envisioning possible users and scenarios based on user research. The user scenarios were created as an assignment for Principles of Information Architecture, Spring 2017. The following … Continue reading Information Architecture: User Scenarios