Preserving Summer: Green Ajika

It was our last day in Tbilisi, and Matt and I were zigzagging through the stalls and secret alcoves of the city’s famed Deserter’s Bazaar. Armed with negligible Georgian, fortified by curiosity, we were guided only by our eyes and noses. We were on the hunt for a sight, a smell, a taste to store … Continue reading Preserving Summer: Green Ajika


Summer Bounty Sandwiches

Summer Bounty Sandwiches for One There’s no easy way to get to Cooperstown. The road from New York City into the rural sleepiness of Central New York is long and winding, leading you through the suburban coldness of Albany and then along miles and miles of nothing but gas stations, crooked barns, antique shacks, and … Continue reading Summer Bounty Sandwiches