I’m a Jersey-born, Harlem-inhabiting writer, professional opera queen and food enthusiast. I can *never* have enough fresh dill on anything.

For the past five years, I’ve been working as a freelance writer for opera companies. I translate and design supertitles, and write and edit content for PR, marketing and development departments. I am currently employed as a special projects associate for a boutique publicity firm, and I specialize in writing English-language web content for European cultural institutions. I go to the opera A LOT, gladly and willingly. In my free time, I listen to opera, read a lot of Patti Smith and Ruth Reichl and drag my friends to Georgian restaurants in New York City. 

Last year, following a barrage of disappointing news, I packed my passport, iPad mini and a couple of notebooks and headed to the Republic of Georgia for 2 months. It was my first time leaving the United States. It was eye-opening, spectacular, amazing, terrifying, lonely and life-changing in the most ambivalent of ways. Being in Georgia revealed to me the deep, flexible connective tissue between culture, tradition, storytelling and food, and inspired me to explore food writing as a way to thread together my four big loves: opera, culture, food and New York City.

Being alone in a foreign country for 2 months made me see how important it is for me to share and swap stories and perspectives with friends. A bottle of good Georgian always helps to get the tales rolling, but a blog will work in a pinch.

Let’s roll!